This page collects all frequently asked questions (FAQs) specific for the Swimming App Professional. For more general questions which also apply to our other Garmin Connect IQ™ applications, please click here.

FAQ´s for Swimming App Professional:

Wrong Distance is Shown

This application uses GPS to derive information like speed and distance. If you have your watch on your wrist then there are two main reasons which influences especially the distance information:

  • watch is partly under water where the GPS does not provide reliable data.
  • watch moves forward and backward. The distance is a straight line between 2 GPS points. Therefore the distance can be significantly higher.

The latest released application V0.6.0 does not use the Garmin algorithms for calculating distance, speed and pace but our own algorithms which do not make GPS updates that frequently. This should improve both of above problems to an acceptable accuracy. Short-term we are confident to show a distance of acceptable precision in our app, but we can´t influence what is stored on Garmin Connect. This can only be changed mid-term (next 2-4 month) as Garmin released a new API for developers which allow to influence the info stored on Garmin Connect.