Skating App Professional

The Skating App Professional,  running on most Garmin wearables, supports you in improving your inline and ice skating performance by tracking the most important parameters like distance, speed, pace and time with high sensitivity GPS. Additionally ANT+™ compatible sensors for heart rate and temperature monitoring are supported1). It is designed as a watch app (and not a data field) for following reasons:

  • Simple to install and use
  • Arbitrary feature enhancement possible
  • Circumvent that some watches (e.g. vivoactive™) can only display two Connect IQ data fields

The main reason for having two similar applications is that you can have different interval user settings in both applications in order to avoid complex reconfiguration all the time.



Further information regarding requirements, installation, getting started, supported data fields and features as well as frequently asked questions can be found by clicking at the book icon on the right side.

SPECIAL OFFER (until end of May 2024)

Please support our Garmin Connect IQ™ activities to contineously improve the stability and performance and to implement new features. For 15 Euro ONCE, you get a lifetime license (even if you change your Garmin device) consisting of:

  • ALL current available 17 Garmin Connect IQ applications in the PREMIUM version.
  • ALL current available 15 Garmin Connect IQ data fields in the PREMIUM version (requires CIQ 2 or higher).
  • ALL applications can be started from the RH-SPORTS HUB with only one single master key (requires CIQ 2 or higher).
  • ALL Garmin Connect IQ™ applications and data fields which we will EVER develop in future in the PREMIUM version.

If you are only interested in one single specific application or data field or only in the data field package, you can get this cheaper. Please select the application or data field in favor in the menu above for further details.

After successful donation the activation information is immediately sent to the mail address used in PAYPAL (as PDF in the attachment). If this does not happen, please check your JUNK/SPAM folder.

If they are not there as well, please click here for further support.

For 5 Euro ONCE, you get a lifetime license (even if you change your Garmin device) for the Skating App Professional in the PREMIUM version.

Feature Overview


Feature FREE Version PREMIUM Version
Supported Garmin devices 108 108
Different data pages 9 10
Different data fields 22 37

Supported sensors

1 3
Session features 3 3
Alert features 2 10
LAP features - 3
User configuration options via PC, MAC or mobile phone 9 > 40
Key lock feature YES YES
Support of inline skating activity profile YES YES
Support of ice skating activity profile NO YES
Heart rate zone coloring NO YES
Heart rate gauge for Garmin devices with CIQ2 and higher LIMITED YES
Configure period for pace and cadence calculation between 5 - 30 seconds NO YES
Race prediction feature NO YES
Virtual pacer feature NO YES

NEW: Map support  for devices with CIQ 2 or higher

  • Show current track
  • Zooming feature with several zoom levels optimized for skating
Auto session start/stop feature (= auto pause feature) YES YES
Auto scroll feature (cycles through the pages during workout) YES YES
Workout summary (for devices with CIQ 2 and higher) YES YES
Bug fixing YES YES
New features and performance improvements RARELY YES
Ad-free NO YES
English documentation YES YES
German documentation NO Planned



New Skating App Professional V3.1.6 available with following features:

  • Hotfix for app setting problems on newer devices
  • Hotfix for language problems
  • Support for Forerunner® 165 and 165 Music added

The Skating App Professional already contains all above mentioned features in the PREMIUM version. You can download the latest version from the Garmin App Store via the button below. By default the FREE version is active. For all who donated already for the EARLY BIRD PACKAGE or for this specific application, please activate the PREMIUM version by entering the received key in the configurations. If you do not received the key though you donated already, please request the key by writing us a mail.