The RH-SPORTS HUB,  running on Garmin devices with Connect IQ™ 2 or higher, is a so-called hub which allows you to start all of our applications from one single application. For fast and easy access you can configure this application as favorite on Garmin device.


Further information regarding requirements, installation, getting started, supported data fields and features as well as frequently asked questions can be found by clicking at the book icon on the right side.


  • Start all RH-SPORTS applications from one single app. Please note that you still have to install all applications you would like to use.
  • NEW: Users who bought the complete app and data field package can enter one single master key in the app settings in order to start all applications in the PREMIUM version. If you do not have the master key so far, please write a mail to rh-sports@gmx.at
  • Show sensor information
  • Show watch unit settings used in all our applications and data fields




New RH-SPORTS HUB V2.1.5 available with following features:

  • Support for Forerunner® 165 and 165 Music added
  • Show heart rate profile data for running, cycling and swimming in menu

The intention of the RH-SPORTS HUB is to make the use of our applications more convenient. It will be contineously improved in the next weeks. You can download the latest version from the Garmin App Store via the button below. Please note that this application is only useful if you use other applications from RH-SPORTS!