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Nowadays it is well known that regular sport has very positive effects on nearly all parts of your body, mind and spirt. Therefore "sport" is the best medicine for a longer life with much more quality.


And the best is that it is NEVER LATE to start doing it!

We offer you different applications for Garmin Connect IQ™ compatible wearables which show you all the relevant information during your training session. This will help you to significantly improve your personal performance or simply to have more fun. For all applications a fully functional FREE VERSION is available with a basic feature set. This allows you to intensively test the program on your Garmin wearable before upgrading to the PREMIUM Version with more advanced features. Following different applications are currently available:

SPECIAL OFFER (until end of DECEMBER 2016)

Become an EARLY BIRD and support the development of our Garmin Connect IQ™ applications already in an early phase. Everybody who donates an amount of 10 Euro will get:

  • Early releases of all seven current available Garmin Connect IQ applications as PREMIUM Version
  • ALL six Garmin Connect IQ™ PREMIUM applications which are available and ALL we EVER develop in future for free

The unlock keys for the PREMIUM Versions will be sent in a separate mail within latest 12 hours!

If you don´t get the keys in time, please click here for further support.


04.12.2016: New Cross-Country Skiing App Professional V0.1.0 released

01.12.2016: New Cycling App Professional V2.6.9 released

30.11.2016: New Running App Professional V2.6.3 released  

08.11.2016: New Skiing App Professional V0.7.0 released

06.11.2016: New Hiking App Professional V0.6.1 released 

06.11.2016: New Interval Training App Professional V0.5.1 released