This page collects all frequently asked questions (FAQs) specific for the Skiing App Professional. For more general questions which also apply to our other Garmin Connect IQ™ applications, please click here.

FAQ´s for Skiing App Professional:

Problems with Strava Upload

In the Skiing App I use a lot of algorithms for the data fields which are not available in the Garmin API. In order to make this still visible in Garmin Connect I use the FIT Contributor feature of Garmin. The basic idea behind is that app-specific data fields are stored in the FIT-File as well and made visible later e.g. on Garmin Connect.


It looks like that these FIT-File extensions are currently not supported by Strava. Therefore the upload is not possible. Currently I have the problem that either I don´t store my calculated data fields in the FIT file or no Strava uploads are possible. Therefore the user can select via app settings what he would like to have. For details, please refer to here.