Ski tracking statistics can be divided into following three main sections and some common data which is useful for all sections:

  • Up (e.g. Lift) Data
  • Run Data
  • Rest

The Skiing App Professional supports following data fields which can be freely assigned to any place in the data pages in the PREMIUM version. A description of the meaning of the data fields can be found here:

Up (e.g. Lift) Data:

  • Total Lift Driving Distance (UP_DIST)
  • Total Lift Driving Time (UP_TIME)

Common Data:

  • Current Altitude (ALT)
  • Current Heart Rate (HR)
  • Current Heart Rate Zone (HR_ZONE)
  • Current Heart Rate in percentage of the maximum heart rate (M_HR_%)
  • Current Temperature (TEMP)
  • Current Time (TIME)
  • Current Speed (SPEED)
  • Current Vertical Speed (VSPD 10s)
  • Maximum Altitude (MAX_ALT)
  • Minimum Altitude (MIN_ALT)
  • Total Burned Calories (KCAL)
  • Total Distance (DIST)
  • Total Elapsed Time (ELAPS)
  • Total Vertical Ascent (UP)
  • Total Vertical Decent (DOWN)

Run Data:

  • Amount of Runs (RUNS)
  • Average Heart Rate (R_AHR)
  • Average Speed (R_ASPD)
  • Average Vertical Speed (R_AVSPD)
  • Maximum HR (R_MHR)
  • Maximum Speed (R_MSPD)
  • Maximum Vertical Speed (R_MVSPD)
  • Total Run Time (R_TIME)
  • Total Run Distance (R_DIST)

Rest Data:

  • Total Idle Time (IDLE)