Start Application

1. Find Application on Garmin Wearable

After installation the downloaded Hiking Application Professional can be found on the Garmin Watch by pressing the “Start" Button. Search for following icon and select it to start the application: 

2. Application Start

The application start process runs through following phases:

Phase 1:

In this phase the About screen with version and copyright information is shown for ~2 seconds (FREE Version) respectively ~1 second (PREMIUM Version). This phase cannot be aborted. On a Fenix™ 3 is looks like that:

Phase 2:

In this phase the information about your registration status is shown for ~6 seconds in the FREE Version. In the PREMIUM Version this screen is omitted for faster startup. This phase cannot be aborted. On a Fenix™ 3 is looks like that:

Phase 3:

In this phase the Sensor Polling screen is shown as long as no proper GPS signal has been found or the timeout is reached. If a proper GPS signal is already available, then the screen is only visible for a short moment (~1 second). If not, then this screen is shown for at most ~45 seconds. During this phase the <BACK> button can be used to abort the polling sequence. On a Fenix™ 3 is looks like that:

Important Note:

Please make sure that your GPS and ANT+ sensors are configured and enabled on your wearable.
Otherwise certain data fields do not show useful/proper information.

Phase 4:

The application startup process is finished and the application can be used. On a Fenix™ 3 it looks like that: